Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kelly's Writeup of AXIOM

Kelly McKernan was invited to be a guest contributer to Burnaway.org's "Our Favorite Things: Best of 2009" article. The first thing that came to her mind was AXIOM, (which Cheap Paper was involved with), however, because of her involvement as well, her write-up couldn't be published and instead she chose to write about "Details," an exhibition at MINT Gallery back in February.

Here is Kelly's write-up of AXIOM:

The corner of Edgewood and Boulevard rang with raw enthusiasm and energy for the one-night-only AXIOM event, giving life to several empty spaces. The not-for-profit organizers had only in mind to inspire passive onlookers to be active participants and to feel a part of a greater whole, ultimately, the burgeoning Atlanta art community. Several groups of exhibitions and artists built the event, representing even the lesser seen and appreciated realms of art in our community. The event left a sense of optimism and even pride in witnessing (and for most, contributing to) an exerted effort to further upbuild the arts scene. AXIOM was an incredible success and gave an indicator to where our community is headed with this continued effort in collaboration.

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